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For our Veterans, their Families
and their Legacies

Mission & Vision

NETVETS GROUP's mission is to have direct impact on Veterans, their families and their legacies by providing a hub of centralized resources.

NETVETS will create an atmosphere and a community of support resulting in Veteran resiliency. 

About Us

Our community made up of Veterans, their families and their support networks are centric to our mission. 

Our Board of Directors puts their vision to action bringing the very best care and support to our region. 

Our Pillars

Our pillars keep our resources and attention focused on what matters most. We seek to provide the appropriate connections to our Veterans and their families through these efforts. 


East Tennessee is comprised with a substantial amount of Veterans and their families. Their selfless service often leaves them in need of much support, but that support is often cumbersome to navigate leaving one feeling alone in the process. Northeast Tennessee region is the second largest per capita population of Veterans ranging from 10% - 13% in the state of Tennessee. According to the Housing Assistance Council (HAC), there are 431,274 veterans living in Tennessee, that represents approx 8.3% of the state’s adult population. 

Vietnam Veterans make up the largest demographic of Veterans in this region followed by Global War on Terror Veterans. We seek to do a better job connecting those well deserved Veterans and their families with all the amazing resources that are within arms reach. 

Our facility seeks to centralize those resources bringing knowledge and guidance to our region. We promote wellness on many fronts integrating not only our Veterans, their families and their legacies to our community. 



"NETVETS brings resources to a central location making is easier for our Veterans and their families in the region." 

Former Special Operations Aviator

Fernando Martinez, Major (ret). 


Support Starts with You


Donations help fund the much needed support that we provide to our Veterans and their families. 

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